How To Decorate Bookshelves Without Books

Get all the books out of the bookcase. In the image above you can see how I applied the principles that Im going to share with you to my entertainment center.

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When styling a bookcase its important to make sure each shelf tells a story.

How to decorate bookshelves without books. We asked Atlanta photo stylist and producer Annette Joseph to help us tackle a decorating dilemma we all struggle with from time to time. This bookshelf video is how to decorate a bookshelf with very few books. Have fun with it.

Shelves that are mostly decoration are not book shelves and books bought purely for appearance are being treated badly. Use hot glue or silicone to hold them in place. Bookshelves can be tricky to decorate.

The open shelves in my homey breakfast room are a focal point where the decor on the open shelves gets changed several times each year so theyll make a great example to use today. The first of the deco standards to get how to decorate bookshelves without books with a lot of style is to distribute the visual weight. How do you do it.

Borrow a trick from interior designers. Create depth by installing mirrors at the back of the shelves. Books are the main thing on our shelves they are an essential for life.

Go for a minimalist look with spaced-out books and decor Tour the rest of this home by Jonathan and Lizzie Tisch. The scenarios in the shelves I styled are. Try adding items outside of books and paper.

If youre one of the lucky ones who have space for multiple bookshelves then you can decorate your shelves with a little bit of everything. And its application is very clear in these images. Leaning books ball shaped accessory next to vase on booksbox.

View Gallery 24 Photos Megan Beirlo OBrien. Lean artwork along the back of the shelves and anchor them with books or heavier objects. Trim off the excess fabric and turn the panel over so that the backundecorated side is facing you.

Stack shelves with a collection of volumes. Lay books horizontally Design by Wendy Labrum Interiors. Lean a few books starting with one or two that are fairly tall against the end of the bookcase and put some type of ball shaped accessory next to it such as my oyster shell ball you can find a similar one here.

Add a couple sections of books stacked horizontally to add bit of dimension to your shelf. Mirrors make the area look bigger by reflecting the space so try this option instead of painting or fabric if your bookshelves are in a smaller room. It can add color and pattern and depending on what style you choose highlight items on the shelves.

The back wall you see behind the books can easily be polished up. Buy mirrors the right size to place as backdrops on the shelves. Empty your bookshelves Start by pulling everything off the shelves then sort books by subject size or color suggests Loi Thai who owns the Bethesda Maryland antiques shop Tone on Tone.

Clean the whole bookcase with degreaser and stick the frame off the bookcase. Inside a bookcase use paint thats a couple shades deeper than the room color. Knowing what to do with an entire bookshelf is a huge struggle for many of us.

To decorate the bookcase place a few small pieces of art near the front of the shelves to give them depth. Hi Yvonne I cant imagine a bookshelf without books on it. With adhesive foil or even paint you can achieve a lot.

Bulky vases or decorative plates can hide their heft behind small frames without losing their uniqueness. Books with too horrible covers or ones that dont match the contents I cover in kraft paper. At the end of the day bookshelf decor is pretty easy to take down and redo unlike a major remodeling project.

Not only does it break up the monotony of rows and rows of vertically standing books but it creates spots among your books to front-face your favorites or house other items. Put some of your books on an angle facing outwards stacked and upright with their spines showing to make your bookshelf Insta-ready. I have LOTS of books in just about every room but have made an effort to make them more attractive adding baskets boxes and picturesand alternating how the books are stacked or shelved.

Wicker baskets smooth boxes or textured pottery are all different ways to do this. Plus its a good way to show off any amazing book spine poetry youve created. We can all agree that bigger is better when it comes to bookshelves.

Wallpaper is a great way to spruce up the inside of a bookshelf. But it creates a very unique and eye-catch. The easiest way to install it is to cut pieces of foam core so that they fit snuggly between the shelves then glue the paper to the foam core instead of directly to the back of the shelf.

Where we can see how the heavier elements frames cactus and illustrations are organizer in different spaces and levels of the shelves. Spray the cardboard with some spray-on adhesive and cover it with a piece of colorful fabric. Measure the spaces between the shelves of your bookcase and cut pieces of cardboard or foamboard to fit using a craft knife.

Plus get more cool ideas for bookshelves.

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