Growing Plants In Cinder Blocks

Depending upon the dimensions of your blocks they may weigh between 25 and 40 lbs. This is a great idea to have such a natural stair and step that can lead your way.

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At several occasions I have shared photos of people growing all kinds of plants food crops or ornamentals in cinder blocks or raised beds made of cinder blocks.

Growing plants in cinder blocks. They make for wonderful garden edgings or you can plant directly into them to show off your beautiful spring flowers or house your herbs. In fact its good to get your soil tested periodically anyway to ensure the best growing conditions for your plants. Cinder Block Fire Pit Image Source.

Both cinder and concrete blocks are alkaline when new. Download Lynn Gillespies e-book Cinder Block Gardens for 1995. Raised bed cinder block garden – Summer 2013.

SERIOUS WARNING ABOUT CINDER BLOCKS. Growing Plants in Cinder Blocks. Make sure you choose the location of your garden wisely so you dont have to move it later.

Plants that like a neutral or low ph are not going to do well in new blocks. Cinderblocks are easy to get your hands on and are easy to work with. A pickup truck is handy for this trip.

By coville123 433 Posts 1593 Comments May 7 2012. But unfortunately the giant sunflowers are beginning to shade the tomatoes potatoes squash beans eggplant okra sweet potatoes cucumbers and peppers. They are like giant legos.

1000 Block Cinder Block Planter and Vegetable Garden. I saw this the other day. A lady even had berry plants in.

Plant only in the actual garden space created by the cinder blocks. You can grow alot of veggies in a cute square foot garden. Make a list and head to Home Depot Lowes or your local garden shop.

Good choices for container gardening include any vegetable that needs only a small space for the root system such as lettuces. Use a shovel to level the area if needed. If you have extra cinder blocks around the house fill them with soil and put your plants in them.

I doubt whether there is any issue to worry about. Concrete blocks are also heavy to transport. Single Block Cinder Block Planter With Succulents and Pebbles.

You can also create steps on your garden ground by using cinder block. Raised garden beds succulent homes and vertical living walls made out of cinderblocks. Today I received a comment warning us for the danger of using these blocks in which fly ash is incorporated.

Planting in Cinder Blocks. Contrary to what people love to say cinder-blocks based plants are not dangerous to eat. Cinder blocks in raised vegetable bed I have seen warnings on the Internet that cinder blocks or concrete blocks used in a garden might leach harmful chemicals into the soil and ultimately into your food plants.

Dont despair if all you have is partly shaded spot thoughmany herbs think parsley mint and greens like lettuce and kale can grow just fine in just 3 or 4 hours of sun per day. Do not plant edibles in the hollow chambers of the blocks. When you are done just grab a fertile soil and plant away.

It looks pretty nice. Another enchanting way to install succulent and herb garden anywhere in or out of your home. I have a bunch of plants and not enough room on my deck for all of them so I decided to make a set of vertical cinder block planters or planter.

Cinder block outdoor ideas include building a cinder block fire pit outdoor cellar shelves cinder block benches for the garden or around the firepit cinder block stepping stones or outdoor stairs leading to the patio or backyard and cinder block planters but only for non-edible plants. Safe Vegetable Growing in Cinder Blocks. 9 Simple but yet deadly effective.

24 cinder blocks 079 each. The watering is a bit of an aggravation in most summer climates. The roots of these plants are completely surrounded by the block and may absorb the higher amounts of toxic material leached into the soil from the fly ash.

With a nice mix of succulent plants and pebbles it is like a little Oasis in the garden. The supplies weigh in total almost 1500 pounds. BTW hypertufa containers should also be aged.

This is a great example that shows even having a single cinder block means it looks amazing. I really needed a way to spruce up this bare spot in front of a fence in my yard. Pick a spot that receives 6 to 8 hours of full sun daily to grow vegetables like tomatoes peppers and squash.

Take a few blocks with you and turn them into a rectangular shape like the picture below. You can grow grass to frame the cinder block way. For gardeners who grow their vegetables in raised beds or containers cinder blocks are an inexpensive alternative t.

Cinder blocks are easy to use and they can be done DIY and that is what makes cinder blocks a go-to material for outdoor ideas. Cover up the roots and fill the block until the surface of the soil is just under the crown of the strawberry plant which is the cluster of small leafy pieces at the base of the stems. Here the cinder blocks have mostly been stacked against the wall and some also come as edged for amazing visual details.

A cinder block planter sculpture. Follow those 3 suggestions and youll grow almost any small plant in either concrete or cinder blocks. Fill the center of the cinder block with sands so it will look full.

Grey cinder blocks are boring. Cover the cinder blocks with wire mesh or landscape fabric to hold the potting soil and just pot your favorite plants but make sure to choose the right herbs to grow. Radishes are the only common vegetable crop small enough to grow in a cinder block opening that prefers very acidic conditions with a pH under 55.

After doing some research Farfaglias short answer was. Paint and stack cinder blocks add plants to make a fantastic vertical planter.

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