How To Make A Cinder Block Planter

Cinder Block Planter Bar. 10 regular-size cinder blocks 2 half-size cinder blocks Level Soil Mulch optional Plants any kind you like.

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Insert the adhesive tube into the gun and squeeze a generous 14 bead onto the block then press on the cap.

How to make a cinder block planter. Lay a single row of blocks around the perimeter of the bed. STEP Apply Adhesive To The Fabric Bottom. STEP Wash The Cinder Blocks To Prepare For Painting.

FINAL STEP Add Plants To The Cinder Block Planters. 4 Plant your indoor or outdoor plant in the planter. STEP Support The Bottom With Wire Mesh.

Prepare the blocks Score a line all the way around a block tapping lightly on a masonry chisel with a hammer. A cinder block planter sculpture. You can use stencils to paint specific images onto your planters.

Lay the first row of blocks Once the design was done I disassembled the blocks and started building the planter. This is super important so dont rush or skip this step. Adjust the dimensions as necessary to make the blocks fit.

Twelve double cinder blocks make the base. Find a good spot for your planter and clear the area of any. This is where your photo from your original design session will come in handy.

Placing a cinder planter somewhere in the garden that it will get sprayed by the lawn sprinkler is a great way to make it zero maintenance. Put the mesh first and then cover with the fabric. STEP Design The Layout For The Placement Of The Cinder Blocks.

Ive had good success with various cacti and succulents. Four blocks two stacked for each of the two arms Six make up the seat and twelve blocks stack to form the back of Billie Haymans comfy block bench. Here once again the cinder blocks have been stacked to build a mini concrete wall and have been filled with potting soil by making the bottoms covered.

Make A Cinder Block Wall Planter Free Tutorial. I have a bunch of plants and not enough room on my deck for all of them so I decided to make a set of vertical cinder block planters or planter. DIY Paint Cinder Block Vase.

I really needed a way to spruce up this bare spot in front of a fence in my yard. The first row of block takes the longest to lay because the cinder block planter bottom must be completely level so be certain to use a level as you lay the block. Lay the block flat put the chisel onto the scored line and firmly strike the chisel with the hammer.

After having the necessary materials you can begin to build your cinder block planters. To hold the soil up in a single block cavity rather than fill each cavity deep wire mesh and landscape fabric were cut and put under the blocks to hold the soil and let water drain. The concrete blocks form a sturdy growing bed and also allow for planting in their center holes.

Get inspired of this another great and good looking cinder block wall planter that is also a lasting longer and quick to build planter ever. A concrete block has a slightly larger opening at one end than the other. Cinder Block Planter Instructions First adhere the caps to the bottom of the sections that will be planted.

Square the corners with a carpenters. They are hard to kill. Find the end with the larger opening on yours this end is up.

A garden bed with cinder blocks will never rot and can last many years with little to no maintenance. Add a solid wood top to the cinder block planters to make an outdoor bar. As first you will need to have a few or more concrete cinder blocks spray paints stencils could be different patterns wire mesh some fabrics potting soils and suitable plants.

Heres how you can make your own. Put down an old towel then a layer of plastic wrap then set the cinder block small opening down. Set the concrete block on the plastic wrap with the narrow opening down and the wider opening up.

12 Block Cinder Block Planter With Various Plants. 2 The Tower Block they call cinder. Thirty-four 34 blocks in all.

Cinder block raised beds are easy to make with a little hard labor and simple planning. Paint and stack cinder blocks add plants to make a fantastic vertical planter. Make sure the row is straight and level.

STEP Paint The Blocks. Corner Cinder Block Planter. STEP Prime The Cinder Block Planters – Use A Grey Primer If You Are Painting Them A Dark Color.

Tape the stencil to the side of the planter and fill in the gaps with masonry paint. Repeat to create five half blocks. An easy step by step guide to making your own concrete block planter pot.

Fill spaces with soil and plant.

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